Behavioral Health Issues That Are On the Rise Right Now

Behavioral Health Issues That Are On the Rise Right Now

Post Date: Sep 06, 2023
Behavioral Health

The Covid-19 pandemic made a big impact on mental and behavioral health across the country. And though the effects of the pandemic are fading in some ways, these ripple effects of behavioral health are still a concern for many. When 1 in 4 adults in the United States deals with a diagnosable mental disorder, it’s time to find support if you need it.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, you can get emergency help by calling 911. You can also reach the National Suicide and Crisis Lifelineby calling 988. Be alert for how these behavioral health issues that are on the rise right now might impact your life or a loved one’s, and seek help if you need it.


Behavioral symptoms of depression can include angry outbursts, even over seemingly small issues; loss of interest in most activities, like sports, sex, or hobbies; and sleep disturbances, like insomnia. In Montana, 24% of adults have struggled with depression at some point. And around the world, rates of depression rose over the course of the pandemic. Counseling can help manage depression, and medication is available if you need it.

Suicidal Ideation

Suicide is the number one cause of accident-related death in the United States. Since 1998, the rate of suicide in the country has increased by 30%. And the highest rate of suicide in Montana is among American Indians. The risk of suicide can be tied to depression, anxiety, sexual orientation, economic situation, substance abuse, and many other factors. Suicide doesn’t just impact the person who attempts to end their life. It has devastating impacts on families​​ and communities. Emergency help is available by calling 988.


Anxiety is a mental health disorder that can have big behavioral health impacts. These behavioral symptoms might include withdrawing from family and friends, avoiding places or situations, or being unable to go to work. During the pandemic, the prevalence of anxiety disorders rose an estimated 25.6% around the world. Counseling is an option for addressing anxiety, and behavioral health counselors may be able to offer solutions for managing symptoms.

Alcohol Abuse

Death rates related to alcohol increased 38% during the pandemic. Not only did alcohol-related deaths increase over the past few years, but that increase happened fastest in groups living in rural areas and among people of color. Whether you seek help from groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or a substance abuse specialist at a medical clinic, you can find help.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has increased in the United States since the start of the pandemic. There are a lot of factors that impact that increase. Health disparities in underserved communities, social isolation, stress, limited access to treatment, and economic burden, among other factors, impact the likelihood that someone will struggle with drug abuse, according to a recent study. Don’t let the cost of seeking help keep you from reaching out. Many free services are available, and your primary care provider or behavioral health counselor can help you access them.

Overdose Deaths

Around the world, overdose deaths are on the rise. An estimated 91,799 people in the United States died from drug overdose in 2020. In 2021, that number passed 98,000, reaching an all-time high. You may have heard of the opioid epidemic going on in the country right now. That has certainly had an impact on the higher number of deaths since 74.8% of all overdose deaths involved opioids. Substance abuse support is out there in your community, even here in Southwest Montana.

Behavioral health services through CHP are open to all community members. And a sliding fee scale aims to help provide services to all, regardless of ability to pay. Reach out to a clinic in Bozeman or Livingston, and find help when you need it.