Why Good Footwear is So Important for Your Health

Why Good Footwear is So Important for Your Health

Post Date: Sep 22, 2021
Preventative Care

As the foundation for your entire body, there’s a whole lot to your health that begins in your feet. That’s part of the reason that good footwear is so important for your health. For the long list of reasons to embrace comfort and support in your shoes, see the highlights here.

Help Prevent Injury

It’s true that proper footwear can prevent a wide range of injuries. Supportive shoes protect your body from joint damage and pulled muscles and tendons, and ones with proper traction can help stop slips and falls. Good shoes can also keep bunions and strained muscles at bay. Though the “right” shoes certainly vary based on your body and what you’re doing, finding those magic pairs can work wonders for your health.

Keep Preexisting Conditions From Worsening

Joint pain can make life much harder and more uncomfortable, especially in the knees, ankles, back, and hips. But with the right footwear, you may find some of the symptoms of those old injuries and pain points lessening. By providing the proper support to keep your body in alignment, you might be able to keep some of these conditions from getting worse.

Provide Support For Your Whole Body

Your feet are not a disconnected island, separated from the rest of your body. They work in tandem with every muscle and joint to provide a foundation for all that you do. The right footwear will promote comfort and alignment, making better health possible.

Make Physical Activity Easier

A supportive shoe that’s designed for the activity you’re doing will make moving easier overall—just imagine trying to run a marathon in flip-flops! But even beyond the obvious scenarios, shoes engineered for a particular sport or type of movement will make mobility easier all around.

Prevent Foot Pain

This might seem obvious, but of course, proper shoes that fit, support, cushion, and don’t rub can keep your feet feeling good. Alleviating soreness and pain on the part of your body you put the most pressure on will help your health and ease your mind.

Avoid Circulation Issues

Circulation issues—usually identified by tingling or discoloration in the hands and feet—often stem from a greater underlying issue like diabetes or Raynaud’s disease. That’s why it’s best to speak with your healthcare provider if you experience ongoing symptoms like these. However, sometimes it may be a cause as simple as improperly fitted shoes. Even steps as easy as tying shoelaces differently or adjusting support with orthotic inserts can help address some of these issues.

When you’re wondering what you should be doing to keep your feet happy, it helps to start with a conversation with your healthcare provider. They may be able to recommend a brand or a shoe store that can help your feet out, or they could refer you to a podiatrist for some specialized care.

It starts with a visit to your neighborhood CHP clinic, where trained health care providers can give you access to the information you need for foot and whole-body health. Reach out to make your next appointment for convenient and affordable care from the ground up.