6 Things You Might Not Know About CHP

6 Things You Might Not Know About CHP

Post Date: Feb 07, 2024
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Community Health Partners has a long history of helping address the healthcare needs of communities in Southwest Montana. And with new programs and services available all the time, you might not know all that these clinics have to offer. Learn more about CHP and its mission to enhance community health and well-being, and how the organization can help you and your family.

CHP clinics have been serving the community since 1997

The first Community Health Partners clinic opened in Livingston in 1997. The federal Health Resources and Services Administration granted funding, thanks to the leadership and grant writing expertise of Laurie Francis, to open that first clinic. But the story goes back even further than that: it started in 1986 when Livingston was working to find its way after the BNSF railway pulled out and transferred employees to Iowa. Community members from all different backgrounds, including public health, social services, education, and public officials, all came together to lead the effort to provide affordable healthcare to the community.

CHP has six clinics around the region

Today, CHP has a total of six clinics around Southwest Montana. With clinics in Bozeman, Belgrade, Livingston, and behavioral health care offered in West Yellowstone, CHP works to provide healthcare to anyone in the community who needs it. Services might be closer to you than you think.

School-based clinics are open to families

You may have heard about CHP’s school clinics located in Belgrade Middle School and Bozeman High School. But many people might not realize that the clinics aren’t just for students. They also serve students’ family members, as well as faculty and staff at the schools. The added convenience of finding medical care where you pick up, drop off, or work can help more people find the healthcare they need to thrive.

You can access affordable care on a sliding scale

CHP’s mission of enhancing community health and well-being, with a vision of 100% access and zero disparity, means that clinics rise to meet the challenge of providing affordable care head-on. That’s why CHP offers services on an income-based sliding scale, making care affordable and accessible regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

Adult education offerings help you find your future

Continuing education can help your mind and spirit thrive, opening up opportunities you might not even know exist. CHP’s adult education offerings include High School Equivalency Test testing and tutoring. All tutoring and support is free.

Resource coordinators help you find more options

Many people don’t know that help from Resource Coordinators is available at no cost. Resource coordinators with CHP are the bridge that connects people to the help they need. There are lots of programs out there that can ease the financial burden on families. Sometimes, finding them and applying is the biggest difficulty.

These programs can include but are not limited to transportation, food, housing, insurance, and financial assistance related to healthcare, heating, and phone service. Resource coordinators will provide patients with information and help them submit the necessary paperwork to enroll in different programs. They will also help patients advocate for their needs with some of those services, making it easier to access assistance.

Reach out to a CHP clinic to learn more about any of these programs and how you can register, enroll, or learn more.