A Meaningful Partnership with Nova Café in Bozeman

A Meaningful Partnership with Nova Café in Bozeman

Post Date: Oct 30, 2020
Community Partnerships

This quarter, Community Health Partners is collaborating with local Bozeman restaurant Nova Café, which will donate a portion of its proceeds to CHP. The popular breakfast and lunch spot, located downtown on Main Street, will collect a percentage of proceeds from its weekly specials sold throughout November and December to contribute to CHP.

It’s About Connection

Since its opening in 2005, Nova Café has had a history of partnering with local organizations to help raise funds and give back to the community. This value has remained constant throughout the changing ownership of the restaurant. But for new owner Elena de Diego, her connection to CHP is deeply personal. Elena moved to Montana from Madrid, Spain, 18 years ago, initially to work in Yellowstone National Park and put her biology degree to use. About three years later, she and her then-husband decided to start a family, and Elena became pregnant with her first child. But she had a problem she didn’t know was a problem: she didn’t have health insurance.

“In Spain, health care is government-subsidized,” said Elena. “When I came to the United States, I didn’t have health insurance, so I had to look for an affordable way to get care during my pregnancy.” That’s when she reached out to CHP, filled out a simple questionnaire, and was offered care that was affordable for her based on her income, utilizing their sliding fee scale. Elena was immediately referred to an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Livingston clinic.

It’s About Montanans

Her experience is similar to many in the state of Montana. According to a report by the Montana Healthcare Foundation, 8.6 percent of Montanans didn’t have health coverage in 2019 – that’s more than 90,000 people. CHP helps address this gap by affording the community 100% access to care, regardless of their ability to pay and without judgment. As a patient-centered organization, CHP believes that great health is about more than just healthcare. It’s about building a strong, healthy community – one individual at a time.

“It was a wonderful experience. The doctors really listened,” she said. “I could feel that they had my health and my baby’s health at the forefront of their minds, and the care wasn’t money- or cost-driven.” The hospital was small and personable, and she didn’t feel like she was being rushed out.

It’s About Experience

From this experience, CHP built a long-term relationship with Elena as a healthcare partner and a resource. Three years later, this time with health insurance and a second child on the way, Elena returned to CHP because she was so happy with the care she received during her first childbirth. She still goes to CHP for her medical needs today. So when CHP reached out to her about partnering with Nova Café, it was an easy decision. Elena shares CHP’s values and is adamant about maintaining her employees’ health, which is why she’s proud to be able to offer her staff health insurance as well.

“Contributing to CHP is a no-brainer for me,” said Elena. “It’s a cause I feel strongly about. People need a way to get medical assistance without going into debt that they have no way to get out of.”

Make an Impact

Customers can participate in raising donations for CHP by ordering one of Nova Café’s rotating weekly specials, which feature fresh, seasonal ingredients. Upcoming specials will include light, summery dishes, such as a sweeter take on their regular hash bowls, in addition to a seasonal egg benedict.

You can visit Nova Café any day of the week for breakfast or Monday through Friday for lunch to support both the local restaurant and CHP. Visit thenovacafe.com for hours of operation or to order online for pickup.