Free Sports Physicals and More at the Panther Clinic Inside Belgrade Middle School

Free Sports Physicals and More at the Panther Clinic Inside Belgrade Middle School

Post Date: Aug 04, 2021
Panther Clinic

As Montana families prepare for the upcoming school year, preventative care is more important than ever – which is why it should also be accessible. The cost of healthcare visits and the effort of going out to a clinic during working hours can be enough to keep hardworking families from getting the preventative care they need.

The Panther Clinic at Belgrade Middle School is helping to bridge this gap by offering free sports physicals at its convenient location inside Belgrade Middle School. Per the Montana High School Association, sports physicals are required of all students in grades 6-12 who participate in school sports each year. With the ability to get a sports physical at no cost and at a community-centered location, parents can get their kids the care they need without financial burden.

Enhancing Community Health and Well-being

The Panther Clinic — a partnership between the Belgrade School District and Community Health Partners – is open to everyone who is affiliated with the Belgrade School District, including students, families, and staff, regardless of your ability to pay and without judgment.

While you get your sports physicals, you can also get up-to-date on required school vaccinations or other preventative care with an annual well-child visit. Detect and address health concerns early and make sure your child's development is on track, with a quick trip to your local, school-based health center. All of these preventative care services will start your child off on the right foot for the school year, with the healthy body and mind they need to learn and grow.

Don't let medical care costs keep you from seeking advice from a healthcare provider with regular wellness checks. CHP offers easy enrollment into public insurance if you qualify, and you can take advantage of a sliding payment scale based on income for whatever insurance doesn't cover. Take your healthcare seriously, without worrying about how you'll pay for vital preventative care.

Call (406) 924-2478 to make an appointment or ask about walk-in availability.

About the Belgrade Middle School Panther Clinic

The Panther Clinic at Belgrade Middle School is a school-based health center serving anyone affiliated with the Belgrade School District, including students, siblings, parents, grandparents, and staff. The clinic was created through a partnership between CHP and the Belgrade School District. Located inside Belgrade Middle School, students in elementary school, middle school, and high school can visit a primary care provider during school hours or just before or after school. Staffed by a physician assistant and a medical assistant (PA/FNP), students can get their required immunizations, sports physicals, regular check-ups, and more at the Panther Clinic without having to leave the campus.

Parents and their children can all see the same primary care provider at the Belgrade Middle School Panther Clinic at times that are more convenient for them, such as when parents come to pick their children up from school. With a clinic so easily accessible, CHP hopes that children and adults will be more likely to seek treatment when they need it.

Hours, Location, Appointments, and Payment

The easiest way to set up an appointment at the Belgrade Middle School Panther Clinic is to call the clinic directly at (406) 924-2478. Throughout August and September, the Panther Clinic will be open most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The clinic space is located close to the Middle School nurse's office and features two exam rooms, a small lab, a bathroom, and a check-in area. CHP's services at the school-based health center and its other locations are available to everyone regardless of ability to pay. CHP accepts all insurance coverage, and a sliding fee discount is available to individuals and families who qualify based on family size and income.