Introducing the Bozeman Clinic CHP Pharmacy in a New Location

Introducing the Bozeman Clinic CHP Pharmacy in a New Location

Post Date: May 18, 2022

After several years of investment and planning to expand its pharmacy services, Community Health Partners opened the Bozeman CHP Pharmacy in September, 2020. The years since have seen more changes as services continue to grow, and now it’s at a new location. Our pharmacy, located in the Bozeman clinic now at 1695 Tschache Lane, is open to everyone and accepts most forms of insurance. The pharmacy is open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. With its location within the Bozeman clinic, patients are able to pick up medications immediately after their appointment without having to make a separate trip to another pharmacy. However, the pharmacy is not limited to patients of CHP. Our friendly staff will work to provide your medications at an affordable price with personalized service, regardless of where you receive healthcare.

The Bozeman CHP Pharmacy offers prescription filling, medication synchronization (picking medications up on the same day they’re ordered), medication therapy management, immunizations, and much more. This allows us to integrate our services, helping patients get more out of their visits and, ultimately, saving them time and trips to their medical provider. The clinic has medical, dental, behavioral health services and pharmacy all in one facility. Our pharmacy staff are committed to improving patients’ health and ensuring they understand why they’ve been prescribed medications and how they’ll treat their health conditions.

Integrated Services

The Bozeman CHP Pharmacy also offers clinical pharmacy services. Pharmacists are available to consult with providers about patients and their treatments, or visit directly with patients to provide education on their medication. With pharmacists, doctors and patients all on the same page, it helps prevent issues with polypharmacy (taking multiple medications at once) and ensures that patients go home with all of their medication questions answered. CHP is unique in that our pharmacists are available to all clinics to work as a team with the provider and patient to ensure patient safety with regard to medications. 

Our pharmacists each have more than 12 years of experience. We also are excited to have a psychiatric pharmacist on staff who is board-certified through the Montana Board of Pharmacy Specialties and registered with the state as a clinical pharmacist practitioner.

Programs for Equitable Access and Education

As a CHP service, patients can receive savings on their medication when they qualify based on income. We’ll work with you to see what you may be eligible for through the following programs:

Medication Assistance Program (MAP)

Our MAP coordinator helps patients apply for name-brand prescription medications directly through pharmaceutical companies. In the past year, medications valued at more than $100,000 were received by our patients free of charge through the assistance of our MAP coordinator.

Discounted Prescription Programs

CHP works with two contract pharmacies to bring discounted medications to our patients through the federal 340B program.  More than 3,000 prescriptions were filled through the program last year, saving patients thousands of dollars.  CHP also has formed partnerships with other local pharmacies to help our patients receive the medications they need.

Collaboration with the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy

Student pharmacists provide several services to CHP patients under the guidance of our staff pharmacists. These services include medication therapy management, flu shots, Medicare Part D assistance and educational opportunities for CHP patients.

If you’re struggling to access affordable medication or simply looking for a convenient location to fulfill your prescriptions, contact our Bozeman CHP Pharmacy today at 406.922.0843.