The CHP Differentiator

The CHP Differentiator

Post Date: Jun 17, 2020
Dental, Medical, COVID 19, Behavioral Health

Both Gallatin and Park Counties have many options for good healthcare. We have three hospitals as well as a multitude of same-day surgery centers, urgent cares, family practices, and more. How does someone choose where to go for care, and what makes CHP different from others in the diverse market? When trying to decide what might be right for you, there are a few things to consider:

Quality Care

When looking to choose a primary care provider, behavioral health therapist or dentist, look for those who focus on prevention as well as management of chronic conditions as well as urgent needs. At CHP, we specialize in treating the whole person and listening first. The word “partner” is right in our name, and we take this seriously.

Our patients live in their bodies 24/7/365 – we don’t – so our providers work to give patients options on how to help make them healthier and then, in partnership, choose what makes the most sense for the patient. Some new approaches and studies emerge daily on treatment for a variety of conditions. It is our job to stay on top of the evidence so that this information can be delivered to patients to help them make the best choices for themselves. We will be there to advise, coach, and partner every step of the way.

Relationships Matter

While no one likes to wait for a service to be performed, and in healthcare, we have not always been the best at being accessible to our valued customers, CHP believes that relationships matter. Any medical provider can provide a basic exam and test for strep throat and write a prescription if it is positive.

And sometimes, it is convenient to walk-in when schedules permit to have this done quickly by a stranger and get back on the road to health. However, most of us have more complex needs that having a relationship with a provider can really help. Studies have shown that when a patient and provider have an established relationship, the patient’s health outcomes go up just because that relationship exists!

Think about how comforting it is to have a relationship with a behavioral health counselor who has gained trust over time and that someone feels safe enough to discuss their most intimate feelings. Or a dentist who knows that high blood pressure in a patient can be a problem and can consult with the patient’s primary care provider right down the hall to ensure that it is controlled enough for dental work.

CHP believes in promoting relationships with patients so that their needs get met. We think about the whole person. Can someone afford their medication? Are they out of work or homeless, which we know affects a patient’s health and well-being? We have support staff who can help and can navigate other community services to ensure patients can get what they need. Other providers do not have this degree of wrap-around services in-house to offer patients more than just health advice and care.

Staff Competence and Diversity

CHP has a rigorous hiring process where we first look for people who care about their communities and support CHP’s mission and vision. We know that many applicants come to us with skills to do the job, but not all come with the attitude and compassion that we expect from our staff every day. Once we ascertain that we have the right person, then we credential them, perform background checks, interview references, and make sure they like to work in our team approach to support patients. From physicians, dentists, therapists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, nurses, dental and medical assistants, resource coordinators, receptionists, billers/coders, and many more, CHP’s diverse staff of 145 works to ensure that every patient has a great experience during every encounter. Our team comes from the communities we serve and includes native Spanish-speakers to serve our patients in their most comfortable language.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Like everyone today, our patients are busy and want to receive the services they need to keep them healthy without extra hassles. CHP strives to present all options to patients about testing, lab studies, imaging studies, and others so that patients have the facts they need to make decisions about their care. Since some of these studies CHP does not in-clinic, we will let patients know what their options are to receive this testing and what costs might be upfront. In addition, because CHP works closely with many community partners, we can advise patients whose partners might honor our sliding fee discounts for uninsured or have high-deductible plans.

Access To Care

All CHP services are available on our sliding fee scale based on family size and income. For 23 years, CHP has offered patients in Gallatin and Park Counties the option to apply for our slide to make healthcare more accessible. We also offer payment plans to patients so that the burden of costs should not stand in the way of receiving needed care. Our staff is happy to explain the sliding fee scale, or anyone can access the information on our website at

Wellness Checks in 2020

As we all have been distancing this Spring, and in some cases, avoiding seeking healthcare, now is an excellent time to think about seeing one of our providers for a wellness check, whether that be behavioral, dental, or medical. We stand ready at any of our clinics to serve you, and we welcome you back to CHP. We have instituted a few changes to keep everyone healthy, and these will be explained when you make your appointment.

We look forward to seeing you.